Champions femenina: Las voces de la final de la Champions

The Champions League final (18:00) between Barcelona and Olympique Lyonnais at Bilbao's San Mames Stadium will be broadcast live on DAZN, La1 and TV3.. Andrea Segura, Alicia Arvalo and Danae Boronat list contributions that tell how the three came together to define “the best possible part of football”.

“This part is very important for the equipment, the workers, and their chain, including as journalists, because they are prepared in a special way so that they do not escape the details,” he emphasized. Andrea Segura, author of La Sexta and the Jugones in the narration role of Dazn. “La previa is MS Tensa Porque quieres que Todo Salga Bien, Pero una Vez que La Pelota Echa A Rodar Disfrutas Mucho. The goal is to convey this through all the people we love and hope they will advise us,” she answered.

“Competing in Europe is more emotional. Being in a tournament is something that is very complicated and desired by the clubs, which makes the leagues/periods that they want to reveal the event, live on an equal footing, with the same emotions. A final narrative of the champions. It is a real reality and I feel lucky.” Alicia Arvalo, RTVE journalistlike other champions who have been in Eindhoven in the past.

Rituals, amulets and improvisation

The three novels begin by being brought to the cathedral so that they can relate directly to everything that is happening. “Whenever it's different, we participate in the party in a live booth on the field, MS En este caso because San Mams is one of the temples of soccer football,” says Andrea, about whom we will talk just like never before. “Every time it was Tenido Kyo mutearme (Mute the microphone), he breathed and decided: “Vale, concentrate, sigue.” “When we aim to get rid of emotions, but in difficult times this nervousness does not pass, you feel or tense that you are translating heroes from CSP,” Andrea emphasizes.

“I like to have a good time on the field to see the players on the playing field and I try to have a moment of concentration for myself. I like to play while warming up in shoes, shoes, … because, like that veo regular Aunque llevo lentillas, they help me distinguish between the players”, comment Danae Boronat, presenter of the daily magazine on RTVE Catalunya and narrates on TV3If you can't scan your sheet with your color spinners then there are more accidents with each device.


“I like to mention the names, colors and backs of two teams in one piece on the football field, with a different color for each group, which should be the color of the jersey that draws in that part. Adams, parents, always receive the information you need and plant pictures and teach each One player at a time,” designed by Alicia. “Luego trato de iniciar los partidos de la mesma way, con el tpico ‘Saludos, qu tal?, bienvenidas y bienvenidos al estadio…’. Turning this phrase, to a large extent, into a private sale, siempre tratando de distinguir en el saludo. A las mujeres ya los hombres, para que ellas tambin se dieran por aludidas en el messager,” subraya.

The third meeting will be when Barcelona and Lyon face each other in the Champions League final, where the two teams will face off against the last continental titles. “Although every other competitor says Bara is the big favorite, Leon says it's 55-45 in favor of the Blue Team. They are the two best teams in the history of women's football,” Andrea said. “I believe that Lyon is better than Barcelona. The level of La Liga distorts reality, but in the semi-final of the Champions League against Chelsea, the team was weak. The French have Ritmo and extreme brutality. Build their hearts, y el Bara Tendr que Tener Mucho cuidado con las Transiciones “, asegura Danae. “If Barcelona knows its own style of play, overcomes pressure and challenges the French, it can have a lot of options to lift the lid,” Destaca Arvalo.

Battle, Aitana, Dumornay, Reynard…

Let's take a look at the champions, Danai One Fight and Melce Dumorny as players of the future. “We live the final in a special way so that we can get the first champions. This time it is an impressive level, it is young and the scenario is very big, we are looking forward to emerging and we can be capital for our team,” he explained. “Haiti are looking to Messi because of the strength she has in the lower train. She has a goal, a physical herald and is difficult to spot so she can appear on point like any other side,” aade.

Arvalo, for her part, for her part com. clsicas He succeeded Aitana Bonmat and Wendy Renard. “Aitana is the skill needed for the living room in the blue group to work. She creates objects in building toys, creates good spaces, is smart and knows children, in addition to having an amazing foot game. Adams, siempre est cuando se la necesita,” justifica. “Because he is as veteran as the struggle in the game, he can be specific. He is sure and accurate. He is always good and alert. He attacks all in the sea, as well as defense as well as attack. He is very complete and useful, as with a strange character,” aade.

This tray and screen

The previous ones are in the same place Narratives in action, preparation and disassembly so you can enjoy the best possible conditions, imagining how you might disassemble the finished piece and thinking about preparing for preparation.. “I think I'm going to have a very elaborate party with a lot of goals, but it will be decided at the last minute of cheering, on the photo. I'm enjoying that everyone is recording this final as in what they decided in the amazing finale La narradora se volvi completamente loca “, cuenta Alicia who, like Danae, emerges from a serial process.

This history is what it says 'Patry Guijarro had moments like this' With Segura narrating the second part of this blue year that will eventually end the reform in Eindhoven. “You said to me at this moment, quite spontaneously. I remember asking Sandra (Snchez Riquelme -comentarista-) if I had experienced it… I think people like, they imagine everything, and I remember them very much “a Menudo por redes sociales Ojal que haya otro momento como ese este ao!”, the end. Calentine Engines (Gargantas), which started the party with…


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