Can I buy Toni Kroos’ gold Champions League boots? How much do they cost?

Toni Kroos will end his career with Real Madrid In the biggest club match in football Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund On Saturday, I will do so wear Special golden shoes To celebrate this occasion.

Croc's loyalty to adidas shoes

The German midfielder is unusual among contemporary players He wears the same style as the Adidas Adipure 11Pro, Since its debut in 2013. The sportswear manufacturer did its best to convince Cross to switch to newer models as they were produced, but to no avail.

Now, as the 34-year-old enters the final few weeks of his career, they've honored him with a creation 11PRO TK Limited Edition white shoes with gold trim. They have the same design as the white/blue Adipure 11 Pro from 2014 but with the gold replaced with blue.

Advantages of Adidas 11PRO TK

Kroos was first seen wearing these shoes in Real Madrid training last April, and he will wear them at Wembley Stadium. His ultimate Champions League boot Details of the match and the names of his wife Jessie and three children Lennox, Julius and Leon are embroidered on it.

Adidas revealed The shoes will go on sale to the general public, although only 5,000 pairs will be manufactured, which means you'll have to be quick off the mark. Obviously they won't be showing any of the Champions League final stitching Kroos' signature will be on the sole.

Where and when to buy Adidas 11PRO TK shoes

The 11PRO TK shoes will go on sale On the Adidas official website on Wednesday, June 12 at 3:00 AM ET / 12:00 AM PT and will cost you $250.

You can actually schedule a reminder to be sent in advance.

Kroos has won five Champions League trophies, in addition to many local trophies and the 2014 World Cup, most of them wearing the same shoes. Will become Hopefully a change of shoes won't change fortunes at Wembley.


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