Brutal rifirrafe entre Luis Figo y Gabriel Rufin por las elecciones catalanas: “Se te ve cabizbajo”

HThere is hostility and an unblemished social community that is quite similar to the situation in between Luis Figo and Gabriel Ruffin. The Portuguese football star and the Catalan actor have written various comments in the past on X (before Twitter), and they will continue until the end after a few hours to find out their results. Elections in CataloaWhile ERC has some non-actionable data.

The figure that Rufin holds is that PSC (42) and Junts (35) are the ones Just the amount of 20 escaos per general mandatewhich means that the agreement must maintain a position of influence at the hands of Salvador Illa, the socialist candidate who presents himself as investor president.

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Luis Figo “Atiza” and Gabriel Ruffin

Before the independents escalated, Luis Figo was not late in approving the context for Gabriel Ruffin's shot. “Oi Ruffy, None of that, no outlet? Is this a reflection?”, he wrote, What is the player of a team like FC Barcelona or Real Madrid.

“Enhorabuena por los electoral results, pero se te ve cabizbajo, ser que It cansado de tanto trabajo“, continued Figo on his official account, launching several 'dardos' at his rival in social networks.

So far, the person he wanted had “details” with Ruffin and did not delay in providing a positive message. “nimo campen”, she judged in tuit, que You can reply to Ruffin's part In the early hours, play to connect with others who have been saving X since they've had a very long time.

Your message, in less than one minute, will register an accumulation of your rewards balance msd 2.000 “I love”I feel the greatest number of positive reactions and I congratulate Luis Figo for his classic encounter with Catalan politics.

Ruffin's response…and Viggo's version

horace Despos, Gabriel RuffinCreate your own style, no need to miss the opportunity Vigo competition And he's here with us Breve Poblacin On your personal X account.

Reuven follows up with the following message: “Cabeza Alta Siempre, @LuisFigo“. The caption is attached to the photo cochinillo who sets off for Vigo at the Camp Nou On one of your visits to Barcelona by visiting Real Madrid.

But L exfutbolista portugus does not want to compete with Rufin. Vigo sub Photograph of the Orondo Man with the figure of Gabriel Ruffin The comment follows: “Hmm al final te“.


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