Berhalter: “A good Copa América showing is essential in helping this group grow”

Gregg Berhalter is about to experience his second major championship Team USA At the beginning of 2024 Copa America Only days away.

The 50-year-old led the United States to a round-of-16 exit at the tournament World Cup 2022 in Qatar They failed against the Netherlands and are now preparing to play two friendly matches before the tournament against Colombia and Brazil.

Speaking to the media on Friday, Berhalter admitted that his team plans to take the Copa America tournament very seriously, because they know that it is the last major tournament where they will have the possibility of facing major teams with the likes of… Regional tournaments such as the CONCACAF Gold Cup fail to provide this level of competition.

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He added: The Copa America is necessary for the growth of this group and it is a very important tournament for us as a team, because it is the last important tournament before the World Cup.We know that the Gold Cup is ahead of us, but it is not at the same level as the teams that Copa America has. Berhalter explained to the media in a press conference: “I consider that this tournament includes four great powers such as Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Colombia, and the more we advance, it provides us with the best way to gain confidence before the 2026 World Cup.”


Facing top competitors is essential for the USMNT

In addition, Berhalter realized that although there was not always the possibility of friendly matches against quality opponents such as upcoming rivals Colombia and Brazil, He called on his players to make the most of these friendly matches, adding: “We know that we have competitors at a high level and they have players who are accustomed to the highest level and The coach added: “This gives us a greater desire to succeed in achieving our goals.”


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