Barcelona – Real Sociedad | LaLiga: Xavi: “Entiendo el enfado de Lewandowski con el cambio, pero pienso en el grupo”

Xavi Hernandez Courage is encuentro contra la Real Sociedad Disputed en Montjuc, who succeeds in winning the rafts, and who regains second place. El tecnico de Terrassa He does not hide from the protest against Firmin's departure, but he does not finish university studies. Catalan logo, new, game no Real Sociedad Explain what the change is Lewandowski It's because of a tactical theme and a load of posts this week.


“La Real siempre nos lo pone difcil. We always encounter them. They are organized, aggressive, not dangerous species. We are not looking forward to five years. Our condition has been very good. They have faced bien su espalda y hemos generado alguna ocasin, pero siempre we are complicated. The La Real me parce un Equipazo is an important victory for us.

No real me looks like un equipment. It's Victoria that's important to us



“I was shocked by the penalty. I was shocked by the second one, no Di Firmin… I don't expect to be hit.”

I realize Lewandowski's surprise, and I would love to change, but I'm thinking about the group



“We changed because he had a lot of parties and a tactical theme. We need Mrs. Pernas. We play football. It is a big job and Robert has a very good job. Enjoy the fun of football, and I like to change. Pero tengo que pensar en el group Necesitbamos ms “Presin alta y tono fsico, pienso en el teamo. It is a tactical issue, not a personal issue, great in teamwork.”

I was shocked by the penalties


Club man

“Tengo in the corazn al bara and cuando las cosas no bien sufres el triple. They live in this emotional form.”


“I liked a lot of things. He was aggressive in the high chair. I think defensively, we are in a good position. But we want to play in space. Last year, we were in good shape. I am satisfied, all the results we have achieved in this era. vital”.

Lamin Yamal

“He is a player who should start at an early stage of the tactical level, Falta. He does not have everything perfect. But the talent level is elegant. Escog is good. He is different with 16 years. He is the present and the future. Equal content with L”.

There is no content between the actors, but Rocky Ha Sidhu Duda until the last minute


Vitor Roque

“Las Tomarimos decisions are made internally. There is no competition for representatives. I will strike out in Tupelo and settle among the Judons, because this is not hot.”

Segunda Square

“Now, we are preparing Almira’s party. We don’t have the points to take on. It depends on ourselves to be second.”

Araujo has harassment and prefers confinement



“Tena una pequea molestias y he preferido reservarlo. There are parts in this place. Era una una molestias sinimportancia.”

Davids vs. Rocky

“This is Barcelona's specialty. It means you have other footballers and better conditions to participate. You have to improve and compete. It's the fault of the coach who doesn't do that.”

Gretos vs Laporta

“We don't have anything. We don't have anything to do with it. We don't have time, it's bad. He's a librarian and he's the coach and the boss.”

Hopefully the match will be with Laporta



“Tocaba reaccionar, por cmo fue la derrota en Girona. The main goal is to be second.”


“This is very important. Help, you must be calm… The others must leave now for us. Firmen, Andreas, Pedri, Oriol Romeo…”


“The players speak at the end of the season. I am content by their intensity, their spirit…a different brand, dynamism, a pinch of truth…”


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