Barcelona could pull off improbable signing by including youngsters in deal

Barcelona have been linked with Villarreal playmaker Alex Baena on a number of occasions, and given the 22-year-old's outstanding form this season, it is no surprise that those links have intensified. Baena leads La Liga in terms of assists this season, but his €60m release clause could be an obstacle for the Blaugrana.

According to Sport, Baena's price could drop to around €40-45 million, a sum that would still be difficult for the Blaugrana to put on the table, given that he is not a priority for them. However, Villarreal are interested in a number of Barcelona's young players, and bringing in these players would be open to Yellow Submarine as another way to reduce the fee.

Aston Villa's interest in the Premier League, and no doubt there are more, may be Barcelona's biggest obstacle. If Baena is not a priority, it may take some time to move to the Baena option, and it is not clear if they have the money to do so. During the period when this becomes clear, it would not be surprising if parties willing to spend more on Baena come in for him anyway.


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