Bara: Ofrecen a Vitor Roque a Inter y Oporto

toa The “Vitor Roque Carpet” is one of the biggest pending plans of FC Barcelona This is the time of day in Vienna. El delantero brasileo, que It covers a month's distance of energy from Atlético Paranaense with a weight of 30+30 kilos. Apenas ha contado para Xavi y You can get rid of prxima Campaa In search of minutes.

Recording explanation is not La Gazzetta dello Sport, one of the two teams, Andre Currie, his agent, presented to “Tigrinho” at the Italian league stadium, Inter Milne. This is what Marca explained, a large number of rumors showing this matter through the Brazilian, and the reality is that he can no longer make a decision firmly and everything depends on it. Financial fair play. At this moment, you can guarantee whether you will do it or not In the primary market.

Vitor Roque's agent is guilty of innocent Xavi and Amienza

Naked on player 2005 Es Dell Inzaghi tasteThe Italian diaries talk a lot about Sisin through the statements of her agent, which… He has had several weeks where his representative is kept out of the Azorean group…or will be passed over. Your device that is compatible with the file will be compatible with the file albert Gummundson, Delantro Islands in Genova will be looking for a myriad of 30 million euros.

For another, El Diario Portuguese Paula tambin habla de un inters del Porto And Korean grants in the form The choice is made through a purchase option for a large number of dollars up to 60 million euros. Tampin el entres azulgrana en Beep It could be an option to incorporate the Brazilian in some way into the run.

So many minutes of your reading

Now, on to the part Halfway through Real Sociedad, Vitor Roque will be able to leave without speaking for more than a minuteXavi's uncle assures that he will leave the shock with one hit in the can and that this will not keep him hot.

Xavi on the future of Vitor Roque: “We have decided on the deadline…”

Now, what it means is that your future is just a discussion that Barra didn't have after we talked about it on his own 310 minutes in 13 matches (two goals) in the league and cup y el InterEquipment that takes care of your situation when you start leaving for Brazil, and PortoIt may be possible for him to accompany you in “Tigrinho” so as not to appear false.


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