Bara: La Audiencia de Barcelona descarta el delito de blanqueo en el ‘Caso Negreira’

toa Audiencia, Barcelona district The presence of a large group of white letters in El has been eliminated caso negrera, Record this information Elmondo, you want to get to the car. For this, reopen the slot from a separate piece, as at the moment of the game Aguirre.

The truth will not be accepted or declared

La Seccin 21 ha Acknowledge the resources provided by Barcelonaformer President Del Call to action José Mara Enrquez NegreraAnd Su Heejoo, Javier Enrquez. Ensure that there are currently no indications that some researchers have acquired, used, converted or transmitted good information that originated in dangerous activity. “Because, there is an error in the elements that indicate the justification for the process of searching for the white color, not performing the process of shaping the separate piece,” explains the vehicle. So, if it were possible to close a part of the body that has since been opened Joacon AguirreCoach Del Caso.

The argument you make is the blue period as a family Negrera Make it clear that you have no sense of opening something new, as you will be investigating through venal and corrupt management practices. no Audiencia Province Make fun that you have concluded the final part of the game, the final destination of the money collected by Los Negrera Dale Bara It is a mystery, which cannot be brought to the forefront of future investigations and is not intended to obtain a specific goal.

Estrada: “Negreira Guarda Muchos Secretos y Medina Cantalejo es un vago”

The decision to sin

Sh Caso Negrera, la obstante, and sigue abierto. After several months, the repetition becomes so personal City of justice Then he will be back in his derecho and will not be cleared. Tambuco has learned that the title of #1 Training Instructor is Barcelona He decided, in a decision last February, to continue the instruction for six months.


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