Atltico de Madrid: Morata, tres balas para pasar a la historia… con su primer Zarra

Un gol, anti petisIn Souss 11 parts ago Disputed in the Spanish League Alvaro Morata He has been in the 14 days of Atletico (playing the best Marca in a hurricane in the league in the 16-17 season with Real Madrid). A big symbol that allows you, if it's really going well, to move forward in order to beat what will get you the first prize Zarra de su carrera.

The galard that drives MARCA the main go-leador nacido and Espaa afronta to the direct final of the three parts and todo for decidir. Borja MayoralLesions caused by these memes, including the clasficacin with 15 Diana. No need to play, like Tambuco on Gorozeta The 14-year-old is a young man behind Hugo D'Oro, 13, and Iaki Williams, 12, who are other candidates with their own options.

Peruvian fulvamus A MorataDelantero rojiblanco que se ha cado del once upon a time Simeone But before Celta competes for the second act. Because there is no need to pay, because the value of the money you receive is an individual award. He competed for these miracles with Getafe, which he fought four years in a complete duel.

Simeone attacks Morata: “Est haciendo un grand esfuerzo”

Le Siguen Osasuna (dos tantos en siete encuentros) y real sociedad, There are 5 aciertos in the ocho Duelos and the most important thing in the ballroom that the quedan has a temporada with an aspectacular arranc that sesame torciendo… and that it takes a seat with one of the premios of the new ftball's prestigio .

This is what Diego Costa did

After obtaining the trophy, it will be the second Atl├ętico player who will score it. First comes Diego Costa, YEspaol nacionalizado, hace justo una dcada. We have 27 crucial goals to win a first league title with Simeone and one key to where he should reach in three years.

Con Joselu, entonces en el Espanyol, como altimo vencedor, durante estos 10 aos el gran dominador ha sido Yago Espace (With four titles, the last term was distributed with Ral de Tomes). Aduriz (Con L Athletic) LLC Gerard (With Villarreal) he won twice, each time over Zara, who could provide an assist, so that Morata could hit the ball with a prize move.


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