Atletismo: Los atletas, crticos con la nueva ropa naranja de Espaa para los Juegos: “Somos Holanda?”

toIn Marca Joma, together with the Spanish Athletics Federation, it is official that the last kit will be worn by the team at the first European Championships in Rome and at the Olympic Games in Pars. Athletes' clothing abandons red, which is replaced by naranja, I have had many issues and problems between sports.

Many people may refer to their group using Holland gear, as the fiery color is predominant. “Ahora soy holandesa y no lo saba”, Decathlon Anna Pelletero, Bronze Olimpica. “Body of the Menus Tenmus.” In the same sentiment, Maribel Pérez explains. “I Miss Rojo (Echo Minos El Rojo).”

Because of the color that much of Spain's equipment calls it, La Roja, there are many comments. “La Roja' ya no es roja” is backed by musician Loria Ibarzabal. Tambin el maratoniano Yago Rojo hizo refers to the new tone of the shirt. “Y ahora qu hago, me llamo Yago Naranja?”, asegur. Y Enrique Llopis brome with “ahora todos somos de @atletismefacv (atletismo Valencia)”.

Chu fi! It is not good to follow the criteria of choosing what people should wear…

Jorge Urrea, Atleta

Hubo quien se is especially critical with the color of clothing, like Jorge Urea, who ensures that “qu fea! Menos mal que con los criterios de seleccin que Tenemos poca gente la va aa tener que wear….”. Tambin alvaro of Arriba habl de la nueva Equipacin: “The Final Gana Pases Bajos.”

Tambin points out Marcus for not agreeing with the new tone. “Desde luego el que la hizo noera diseador. Era daltnico”, sure.


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