Atletismo: Jordan Daz ‘vuela’ en Castelln: 17,55 en triple, tercera mejor marca mundial del ao

CArrange your Daz volvi to the big level at the Castelln reunion. Triplista, que He competed in Europe for the first time in Roma with the Spanish teamhis first outdoor appearance – in Xiamen for the April Finals – was due to physical problems, and these miracles show that you will be in a state of form in your account during these games.

The student D Ivan Pedroso starts the confrontation with an amazing brínco, in 17,55, the best in his series, to achieve victory with the best international brand of the time, slo in their favor 17.61 Italian Andy Daz and 17.57 Jamaican Hibbert. At the moment, and booked in the second and five of the trials, Jordan did not score any better in the round, with a first in the quarter and 17.02 and 17.26 in the three and the intended sex respectively.

In her second outdoor competition, Anna Pelletero claimed her second win with a hat-trick. Lu Huizo with best number 14,28, 2nd (champion record), And a concurso with three brincos sobre los 14 metros. Antis, Tampin en el Foso, Fatima Diame, Bronze on the World Cup “Internal” And Eusebio Ceres rushes along. Diameter of minus a ms, with un allimo sto que le dio el triunfo con 6.84, aunque ventosos (+2.8).

For his part, Eusebio Ceres, who continues to adapt the technical changes he introduced together with his Ivn Peroso, earns good salt, the third, to install a brand of 7,97, at least the RFEA for Europe, three centimeters away from the EA Lamnima. Pace as it should be, In the same way they spend a week in TenerifeO'Neill stars four people on a path of changes that begin with the Cuban coach.

Over the Tartin, he beat Victoria's Javier Mirren over 1,500 metres, clocking 3:36.47 minutes (RFEA for Roma), but his column was Thierry Ndikumwinayo over 10,000 metres, where he backed up Monlujo over the long kilometres. Victoria sold out with a time of 27:26.57, and ran a best of 27:50.00, establishing RFEA as she does for the Parsi Olympics and personal brand. The wheel is always located at a distance of a quarter of an hour.

Llopis, personal onthesportsand minima olmpica in los 110 m vallas

You can also reunite large records in Nerja. Enrique Llobis, for example, conquers the valley on a great journey, If the Playa del Atleta se impuso with claridad a susrivers, gratias a un soberbioregistro de 13.26 y viento 0.0. In this time, Valesta set her own personal best (13.30) and recorded the World Olympics minimum track and field record, as well as the top rope. Tampin is at the top of the national rankings at the hands of Asier Martinez.

Tambin Mohamed Atwi achieved a decisive victory over Malague City with a time of 1:44.88 minutes. rcord del mitin y mnima RFEA para los Juegos Olmpicos (mnima EA para Roma). Adams, in the women's 1,500 metres, beat Esther Guerrero and Marta Pérez Brindarón Otro Duelo Pico, in the Victoria Foy Hawi Abera Series final, with 4:05.26. Esther would not be able to prevail in the African Championship in the end and the second time, at the hands of Marta Pérez.

Fernando Caro, sex with Marcela with RFEA for Pars

At the Marcella meet, Fernando Caro played the 3.000 hurdles in a time of 8:18.30, which is narrow for Europe than Rome and short of the RFEA for the Olympic Games. Adams, Manu Quijera, in the second final of the Jabalina competitions in the Kladno reunion, leads the leading player in Spanish sports, while under the podium is Belen Tuimel and Carlos Tobalina, Peso.


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