Así queda el grupo B en la Eurocopa 2024: clasificación, resultados y quién puede clasificarse

Así queda el grupo B en la Eurocopa 2024: clasificación, resultados y quién puede clasificarse

After the Spain-Italy debate concluded in Gelsenkirchen, the four selections from Group B in the first two rounds of the European Cup were discussed. The second time comes with a salt Victoria del Combinado Nacional Espanyol vs. Italy 1-0. The result was that Luis Fuente led solo leader of the group and Luciano Spalletti within seconds. The two sons of riders who will be quieter in the final eight stage -Spain has succeeded in selling the sports version-. Croatia and Albania don't know what they stand to gain and spend one point each year. Now, reserve the options to advance this round.

to choose Pontus Ball variations
Spain 6 +4
Italy 3 0
Albania 1 -1
Croakia 1 -3

SpainThis is related to the above, The sports classification format for the 2024 European Cup Finals has been sold out. Gul de Calafiore's own gate, despite the persistence of Croatia and Albania, beat Luis de la Fuente in the next round, which he passed in the next segment against the Albanians. Italy, if it came into the hands of the Spaniards, would have plenty of strength to cross. Albania and Croatia, like a su arranque sin threeunfos, siguen con vida. Continuing, options all choose.


The selection directed by Luis de la Fuente is the solo leader of Group B, with three points. With the title win against Italy, he became an athlete in the final eight, as well as finishing first as well The group moves forward on its last day.

Al acabar first, el elenco nacional Español plays octavo against third. The negative note is that by sweeping the square, you can sail to Germany, and a hurricane and one of the “cokes” will fall on this Europe.


Spalletti lost against Spain and could not be the first in the group, Peru You have high odds until eight seconds from the end.

This is Euro 2024 Group 2: standings, results and who can be seeded

The battle against Croatia guarantees access to the Italians, but not their destruction. If you beat Dalic's pick, you'll need a Spanish win without meters. Perdiendo, un empaty entre Albania y España les relegaría al tercer lugar (passarían de ronda siempre y cuando fuesen uno de los mejores terceros), pero The Albanian trio were eventually part of the group, and were eventually eliminated.


The Albanian national team finished the first two matches with the same feeling of sadness that was produced in order to get back together in the ship. Travel to Italy like Croatia, but you won't be able to catch a cat underwater without getting caught. Now, you have measurement options in the final eight that will support a historic strike.

This is Euro 2024 Group 2: standings, results and who can be seeded

If successful, Sylvinho's selection could travel to Group B, where Croatia also departs for Italy. If I sink or sink, I need an equal score from the Croatians to be third. If she is sailing in Croatia or is sailing in Croatia, Albania will be on the Group B list.


Modric and his teammates had a good match against Albania, and they all achieved a 3-0 win against Spain. The sign was negative before Luis walked off Fuente to Dalic in a delicate, but not definitive, situation. sOur options for advancing to Octavus depend, well, on Spain's “Saleh”, who play against third-party Albania.

This is Euro 2024 Group 2: standings, results and who can be seeded

If the Spaniards move to the Albanians, Modric and company are in a battle against Italy for third place and, at the very least, expect a number of top eights depending on the results of the other groups. Gnando, that's what it is, spends seconds scaring the cables. If Albania and Spain are impatiens, you need to move on. If Albania is Jana, Croatia will be included in Group B of the sporting format.

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