Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez hits back at Kylian Mbappé’s World Cup claim

Emiliano “Debo” Martinez He will once again be Argentina's starting goalkeeper in 2024 Copa America, which will be held in the United States from June 20 to July 14. In an interview with TyC Sports in his home country, the Aston Villa star spoke about his hopes ahead of the tournament and the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, though… His message to New Real Madrid striker Kylian Mbappe It was what attracted the most attention.

Martinez rejects Mbappe's European Championship proposal

MartinezWho won the Golden Glove with the Argentina national team's victory in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, A little back in Mbappe Suggestions that winning the European Championship is more difficult than the World Cup: “These years The Copa America Championship will be more difficult than the previous edition. But there is nothing more difficult than a world Cup. You have to play in different places, travel every three days, it's very hot, you train in the heat, you play the final after being gone for 40 days… there's a lot of wear and tear.

The 31-year-old also revealed this He hasn't received much abuse in his career As happened during Villa's recent victory on penalties in the Conference League away from home to Lille, whose fans booed him the entire time as they remembered his goal. Controversial actions during the final between Argentina and France In Lusail.

“They insulted me throughout the match, and I have never been insulted so much in my entire life. They threw everything at me. During the 120 minutes, I didn't make any movement towards them. In the penalty shootout, the first shot was saved by W I silenced the supporters who were insulting me Standing behind the goal. We won in the end but I missed the first leg of the semi-final because of that yellow card.

Martinez puts country above club: Will he play for Argentina at the Olympics?

Despite winning the World Cup 18 months ago… Martinez believes he hasn't reached his peak yet. “I feel like I am A more complete goalkeeper Compared to my first Copa America (in 2021) and the World Cup. I know my best is yet to come and I want to prepare for the next 15 or 20 days like never before.

The former Arsenal stopper says there is Great atmosphere in Argentina camp Before the next tournament that The key to their recent successes: “We get here and everyone is happy. We hang out or play until 10 at night, and people are having a good time. We're just guys having a good time.

Finally, Martinez talked about it Keenness to play in the 2024 Olympic Games In Paris, despite Aston Villa’s reluctance to allow him to do so. He added: “I was able to speak with (Olympic team coach) Javier Mascherano, and told him about my desire to play, despite this.” The club told me I couldn't do it several times. I know I have to fight against the club. It's not 100% taken for granted but I want to go. It is not obligatory for players to leave and Aston Villa will not allow anyone to leave. but I always put the national team first If I have to fight with my team, I will do it. The Copa America comes first, then the Olympics.


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