Anna Simon vuelve a televisin: qu fue de la colaboradora de ‘Zapeando’

HIn the past, it was practically impossible not to hear any speech Anna Simon. Catalana was one of the most important places to broadcast television, specifically on Atresmedia. He met the mayor of the city as a cooperative and presenter of entertainment and humor programs, such as “Tonteras las justas” or “Zapeando”. But her career as an actress began in series like “7 Vidas”.

Tampin is not for “El Hormiguero” as it turns into one of Pablo Mutu's indistinct objects. But you have to watch the wonderful spectacle in time to register Anna Simen in the world of television. This is for the last time. You have now taken the development course of the “Masterchef” product.

What is Anna Simone's new program “El tros”?

Shine Iberia has contacted the Catalan services, de Mikel Montorowhich is promoted with these popular videos of albendegas or “pilots” and Marina Pivar.The three make up Algorado del Nuevo Concorso de TV, “The Gears”.

In this new format, these people live in the rural world in order to transform them into the best farmers in the world. These first types of civilizations arose simultaneously with each other, but with a significant urban origin. All couples must excel at some scientific experience, skill and knowledge Para llegar lo ms lejos posible dentro del concurso.

Anna Simone is watching TV

Who is Anna Simone and why is she giving up TV?

Following its steps by Telecinco, Cuatro, Antena 3 and La Sexta, Anna Simon decides. I realize that the focus on motherhood is an important age for a woman to work on television. She is not behind in her career, but she is very limited in her use of social networks. With a single shot, the “three” provides an opportunity to get around the rows.


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