All the Frenchmen who have passed through Real Madrid: Anelka, Zidane, Mbappé…

As neighbors who share a border, it's not surprising to learn this France It is the third country with the largest number Foreign players On books in real madrid. The French mattress is directly behind Brazil And Argentina – Two countries located not a short distance from the Spanish capital, and only the latter speaks Spanish.

Kylian Mbappe It is the latest in a long line of French players I crossed the Pyrenees for the star Los Blancos – Some of them had now risen to legendary status, others struggled to make their mark, a few left after only a few came out, the experience so disappointing that it put him to sleep.

French Real Madrid players (participations in parentheses)

  • Rene Beatty (8)
  • Manuel Anatole (-)
  • Louis Hon (41)
  • Jean Luciano (17)
  • Raymond Cuba (101)
  • Lucien Mueller (92)
  • Christian Karembeu (82)
  • Nicolas Anelka (33)
  • Claude Makelele (145)
  • Zinedine Zidane (227)
  • Lassana Diarra (116)
  • Karim Benzema (648)
  • Raphael Varane (360)
  • Theo Hernandez (23)
  • Luca Zidane (2)
  • Enzo Zidane (1)
  • Alphonse Areola (9)
  • Ferland Mendy (156*)
  • Eduardo Camavinga (127*)
  • Aurelien Chouaminy (76*)
  • Kylian Mbappe

*As of February 18, 2024

During the club's 121-year history, the grand total 21 French players joined the Real Madrid squad As fully registered contract players. Many other players joined on loan for six months or for a season, but let's focus on those who not only succeeded at the most demanding club, but wrote their names in the history books.

Zinedine Zidane (2001-2006)

the second Galactico Subordinate The era of Florentino Pérez He was a legendary figure as a player and th onthesportsa coach during two very successful periods. Zizou It is arguably France's best export to arrive in Chamartin. He signed as a 29-year-old from Juventus for International standard fees For 73 million euros (12.9 billion pesetas / 160 billion lire) on 9 July 2001, he became the eighth French player to sign for the club.

Elegant, charismatic, skillful and creative… it was as if the world stood still when he received the ball at the Bernabéu. He will forever be remembered because of him A wonderful goal in the 2002 Champions League final But the accolades that piled up over his five seasons with the team didn't really do him justice. He made it happen when he returned as coach years later.

Karim Benzema (2009-2023)

Another club legend, Karim is the longest serving French player To pull the white shirt and carry A record number of participations for a foreign player: 648 games over 14 seasons. He was signed from Olympique Lyonnais in the summer of 2009 as an outright striker to shadow Raul in the captain's final year.

However, it was not easy from the start, as the explosive player we saw at Lyon took on a more guarding role, creating space and providing assists for Cristiano rather than building his own tally. His highlights include some unforgettable flashes of brilliance – who can forget his stunning strike against Osasuna… Benzema's legacy was not just what he did on the pitch, it was also all the little things that went unnoticed – moreover his contribution Not a few with 354 goals, surpassing Di Stefano and Raul to become The second best scorer in the history of Real Madrid.

Claude Makelele

One of the first deals of the Florentino Pérez eraMakelele joined in the summer of 2000 from Celta VigoAt a cost of 14 million euros (2.5 billion pesetas). He provided strength and muscle in midfield in a team that focused heavily on attack. Claude was left to mop up whatever the team had stuck on the break, but he soon tired of doing all the dirty work as one of the lowest-paid players on the team. He held the club to ransom, demanded better wages and eventually left for Chelsea in the summer of 2003. His absence was felt immediately – It took Real Madrid several seasons to recover and finally support their defensive midfield.

Raphael Varane

Dependable, rock solid, lightning speed, awareness… traits Varane He had it in abundance during his time at the Bernabéu. He's an obvious choice for the roster, not just him 360 matches with the first team But for an unrivaled list of honors that includes Three Spanish League titles And Four Champions League championships.

Zoom in on the screen

The French played a season at Real Madrid, 99/2000, where it was more related to their problems with the team performing. In the last tram, the important points with which Real Madrid qualified to eighth place in the European Cup were mentioned.

Nicolas Anelka

One of three recent signings Lorenzo Sanz. Real Madrid broke their money for the talented striker but Anelka never settled. The taunts from the fans and the media didn't help. His saving grace was a brilliant header against the powerful Bayern Munich At the Olympic Stadium in the Champions League that sent Real Madrid on their way to the final and No octave.

Christian Karembeu

Another Sans signature. Snatched from under Barcelona's noses Sampdoria For 450 million pesetas. In terms of football skill, maybe not in the same league as some others, but he was used to scoring goals Crucial goals – Like the opposite Borussia Dortmund Which booked a Madrid to Amsterdam ticket, where it was raised No Septima.

Raymond Cuba

Going back further, Kopa was the first French star in Madrid. nickname Little NapoleonHe formed part of the fearsome Madrid side of the 1950s Di Stefano, Puskas, Gentoo, Rial… He scored a graceful goal and was tough to play against 30 goals in 101 matches For the club, he was the first French player to win the title The golden ball And the European Cup.


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