Albon sparks suggestion of Williams F1 exit

Alex Albon has refused to confirm that he will race for Williams in 2025.

The Thai-British driver was touted as a candidate for the vacant seat at Mercedes when Lewis Hamilton confirmed he would leave for Ferrari next year.

Williams manager James Fowles has since confirmed that Albon has a running contract with the Grove-based side for 2025, but has not denied the possibility of buying the 28-year-old out of his deal.

The driver market took another step forward last month when Nico Hulkenberg was confirmed for one of the Stake F1 seats ahead of his move to Audi in 2026.

With more action expected in the coming weeks, media outlets including Albon asked Racing News 365 If he was sure he would be at Williams in 2025, he replied: “I won't comment now. I'm still focused on that.”

“Everything is moving so early and so quickly, Nico has obviously just pulled the trigger somewhat at Sauber and I'm sure the second one will follow soon.

“Everything including my focus on where I'm going, not so much next year but the year after that, focusing on that side of things.

“In the next two weeks all decisions regarding the entire network will be finalized.”

Albon plays down importance of 2025 move

Many drivers whose contracts expire at the end of this year are looking forward to long-term deals with the new technical regulations that will come into force in 2026.

This will represent the biggest change to engine regulations since 2014, while aerodynamic rules will also be significantly improved.

However, Albon played down the importance of joining the team one year before the new regulations come into effect.

“I think it's just about building the team, like these teams,” he said.

He added: “2025/26 is a great way to understand how the team designed their car conceptually, and when you go to 2026, there will be a big difference in the car, and it is good to know where the DNA of the car is.

“It's important to give feedback, understand language and communicate, which is why teams are so focused on the 2025/26 transition period. Is it make or break? No.”


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