ACB Liga Endesa: Unicaja arrolla al Manresa y ya est en las semifinales de la Liga Endesa

Hto Unicaja se meti reached the semi-finals in order to advance (63-86). Exhibicin de powerero y msculo del Malague equipment in New Congo. This is my prime part with everything else, El Unicaja sac el Rodillo to navigate through the film BAXI Manresa You can also choose from the triple side of the group at the party. Another part of Coral de los de Ipon Navarro, a very safe defense for 40 minutes. Los Guindos doesn't need the best version of Osetkowski.

The choice aranc with el BAXI is very important. There are many other calcadas from Geben I entered the local area. Rapid response to malagogues is rehabilitated through the Ejim y Barreiro method To move forward with the initiative (4-5), triple the big. The part of the game was an alternating clásico from the beginning rounds. There are a lot of people who want to join the balanza. (11-11). Partial payment 5-0 to local areas, up to the entrance Carter and Taylor The action came back to Unicaja, as one of the Williams duo took out the home advantage in the first quarter (28-20). BAXI Manresa Comenzaba avisando in Mlaga.

The second business comes to defences. One of the specialized areas on the Costa del Sol. Entrance to the path Will Thomas approaches Ebon Navarro, who is living in the footsteps of Cravish Taylor Long-range meditations to reduce distances (31-32). Mallagos don't get over the level and move very quickly from a distance With several consecutive hat-tricks for Tyler Kalinowski, which were a huge pain for the Catalan defence. With all this, the end result was regression (36-40).

The third quarter was crucial in the takedown. El Unicaja sac el Rodillo which is through the BAXI Manresa ring. Incomplete 2-11 It has been redesigned by Kravish and is attracting new visitors, who likes to defend Albaxi Manresa. Los de Pedro Martnez is created with threes and extends to every place on the ground. The Eropsin follows Alberto Daz's path to their luminous bodies in New Congo It is difficult every time to be able to release the third and final part of the series. Finally, the Malagues overcame the quarter 47-65 in order to practically leave the fork in front of the referee.

The final round of the trip was a baby step for Ibon Navarro. Good defensive work and does not break the accelerator before BAXI Manresa It's all about the organization that levant a su gente de los asientos with their casta. Through the intention of renewing the difference on the part of BAXI Manresawhen Gedovic attacked the talent to push the team to win the tag team title. The segment went from 63 to 86. He was a fan of Tyson Carter, with new assistants, They also reboot their location. A week of tranquility in one of the most beautiful places to see in Valencia or Murcia.


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