A tumba abierta by BKOOL: “Critican a Pogacar, pero deberan hacerlo ms con el resto de favoritos”

no The last episode of A tumba abierta was hacked by BKOOL with José Rodriguez and Nacho Labarga.

Listen to the latest episode:

This cycling podcast

Watch the podcast “Tumba Aberta from BKOOL” Dale Marca newspaper with Jose Rodriguez and Nacho Labarga. Yes, I will come back to you with a granny tree. De la mano de Bakool, they travel in order to update everything that “planet bike” means from energy to all the switches that happen on the plane. Listen and listen for free on your favorite audio platform or online marca.com.

Join us as one of Rodando's in BKOOL's Virtual Italian Bike Race. You can try for free within 30 days!

Lija L Giro, from MARCA Plus (official review) and BKOOLTenemos Otra Sorpresa Preparada. Have you ever raced a Gran Vuelta Ciclista? Deceive Bakool Now you can enjoy hiking tours in Corsa Rosa… Join as one of Rodando in BKOOL's virtual Italian bike race. You can try free for 30 days! Innovative technology developed exclusively for the Giro d'Italia Virtual allows you to enjoy videos of real stages with an immersive and realistic simulation experience.

Discover the real stages Giro d'Italia Enjoy indoor riding. You can enjoy exclusive content in the stages of the 2023 Giro d'Italia. Have you ever enjoyed taking part in a big bike trip? With BKOOL now, you can enjoy fun snacks corsa rosa, Captures the entire track during the last duration of editing.

Adams, received fantastic prizes for participating in the tournament Giro d'Italia Virtual hosted by BKOOL. Group trips, installments and lots of MS Forma Parte de este events nico en el ciclismo Virtual! You can train alongside cycling stars outdoors and on the same day Alberto Contador, Chris Froome, Scar Freire, Mikel Landa or the real battlefield of Remco EvenepoelCompete for the best with friends from the whole world and enter the group of exclusive premiums. Didi Marca Plusreview the official 'Corsa Rosa', and see all the ten details to access a free trial of the Giro d'Italia Virtual race at BKOOL within 30 of registration at www.bkool.com.


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