2024 Isle of Man TT Sidecar, Qualifying: Crowes Take Day 1 Top Spot

Ryan an Callum Crowe recorded the fastest time in the first qualifying session for this week's 2024 Isle of Man TT Sidecar class.

They were just over eight seconds behind Ben Birchall and his new rider Kevin Russo, while Peter Founds and Jevan Walmsley rounded out the top three.

Tim Reeves, Mark Wilkes, Alan Founds and Rhys Gibbons completed the top five positions in Sidecar Q1, with Steve and Matthew Ramsden in sixth. Darrell Gibson, Tom Christie, Lewis Blackstock, Patrick Rosney, Todd Ellis, Emanuel Clement, Dan Knight and Ben Hughes rounded out the top ten.

2024 Isle of Man TT | Sidecar | Qualification 1
POS Rider/Passenger a team like timing
1 Ryan Crowe/Callum Crowe Keel properties LCR Honda 19:23.921
2 Ben Birchall/Kevin Russo Wickham Blackwell/Hager LCR Honda 19:32.124
3 Peter Founds/Gevan Walmsley FHO race DDM Honda 19:35.949
4 Tim Reeves/Mark Wilkes Bonovo Action/Carl Cox Motorsport LCR Honda 19:55.702
5 Alan Fonds/Rhys Gibbons Racing Foundations Team LCR Honda 20:29.300
6 Steve Ramsden/Matthew Ramsden Ramsden Motorcycles / RS Racing / Storage Solutions LCR Honda 20:31.296
7 Darrell Gibson/Tom Christie Gibson Racing Suzuki Consumer Electronics Showroom 20:32.565
8 Lewis Blackstock / Patrick Rosney Dave Holden Racing LCR Yamaha 20:39.794
9 Todd Ellis/Emmanuel Clement Brookland sand and aggregate CES Yamaha exhibition 20:39.832
10 Dan Knight/Ben Hughes LCR Honda 20:59.022
11 Michael Russell/Vicky Cook Developments of frog compounds LCR Suzuki 21:13.195
12 John Saunders/James Saunders Apollo Blinds/Flooring Homechoice LCR Yamaha 21:25.950
13 Sean Chandler/Ben Chandler Glenlaw Camp CES Honda Show 21:28.228
14 Wayne Luckey/Matthew Rostron Dirty Weekend Campervans / IMS Ltd Racing LCR Honda 22:01.945
15 Gary Gibson/Justin Sharp Gibson Racing Shelburne Suzuki 22:02.091
16 Andy King/Andrew Sigsworth SOLINAIR LIMITED Lumley Erson Honda 22:22.233
17 Alun Thomas/Jodi James LJ Smart Repair Airson Honda 22:23.257
18 Derek Lynch/Anthony McDonnell Eclipse Racing/Billy's Garage/RPM Details DMR Suzuki 22:38.365
19 Chris Scofield/Thomas Dawkins Private sector reform Baker Honda 22:42.849
20 Maria Costello / Gary Wheeler FHO race LCR Honda 23:33.965
21 Robert Dawson/Matthew Sims Dawson classic motorcycles LCR Honda 23:34.023
22 John Shipley/Dermuid Mac Ryamwyn Pitt Factory Rental Company/Brown Fire Company Limited LCR Suzuki 23:35.409
23 Renzo van der Doncht/Vali van der Doncht Depistil Logistics / Christian's Prefabton LCR Suzuki 24:09.472
24 Wiegert Kranenburg/Jermaine van Medegal Eckarts training LCR Honda Time not specified
25 John Holden/Frank Claes Marine/Carl Cox/Ocean Motor Village Christy Suzuki Time not specified
26 Dave Molyneux/Jake Roberts Characteristics of Kawasaki DMR agent DMR Kawasaki Time not specified
27 Rob Handcock/Basil Bevan RJ Environmental Contracting / Mirror Mirror Shelburne Suzuki Time not specified


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