1×1 de la Selección ante Italia: Nico Williams, el mejor de la Euro

1×1 de la Selección ante Italia: Nico Williams, el mejor de la Euro

Unai Simon: no job.

Carvajal: Its physical form is astonishing, to the point that on some occasions it is changed to a stopped bar for Cucurella's source, which remains at the same moment with a blow. Control your professional career to help centers. View Una Amarilla.

Le Normand: Very impressive and strong in defense. The Italians search for the Espalda on various occasions, but without success. I won't step forward when the Italians have lost the party, out of desperation. La Pena, La Amarilla.

No port: Good on the general lines so that the Italians do not want to want to give up the attack. Sujetó al gigante Scamacca. I had the help of Cucurella who I was following along the way and Chiesa's input.

Cocurella: Very good in the face of defense like everything, in defence. Since her profession is driving, she aims to survive along the La Porte Coast. Click on Chiesa and do a lot of activities.

Rodrigo: Super only for Jorginho and Barilla. The pair balance with the selection and face the second, which should be heading towards a relegation against Albania and finish in the final eight.

Pedri: Play between the lines and feel the confusion in the Italian defence. Enter the portal, merge and cause pain in the central aromas. Morata's work with central positions allows him to penetrate space. I want to eat more.

FabianTests put the player in better shape than the selection, and are the pinnacle of confidence. I noticed in the play as in the 24th minute, with a light kick it was one of the best occasions. Moreover, work when Spain does not have the ball.

Lamin: moi monitoring. It was against Croatia, which was dominated by rival defences, Yamal. We succeeded in achieving the same goal against Italy. Logically, but thanks to this they have more options and freedom for their teammates, especially Morata and Fabian. Now, this is the case.

Morata: In a vacuum, as always. That's what happened, but he did an amazing defensive job and was the best support for Nico and Lamin. Very active and continuous movement that creates space for the second line players.

Nico Williams: Lorenzo will never be able to touch Nico again. Solo in the first quarter hour of time he is great on four occasions. You will never be able to unlock the second part until you break through and finish in the center in Calafiore's car. The best ever. UEFA thanks the reward for the best player of the match.

Alex Baena: Debut in the European Cup to occupy Pedri's place, in the minutes spent agreeing to come out equally good boards, from the media the end point.

Ferran Torres:Only you can enter the game, shoot your band.

Ayuz: In the little time you hit the river on your way to without having to make the trip to Donnarumma. Repeat with other Remat could be Spain's second goal. It somehow encourages players to play more or less.

Oyarzabal: At the rate you play more it helps in defensive attacks.

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